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What is a "lifestyle investment"?

A lifestyle investment is a term I hatched while we were living in Mexico a couple years ago. I consider it to be defined as such:

“Something that you own, that improves the quality and experience of your life while simultaneously improving your financial situation”.

It’s NOT: The lake house that costs you $20,000 in mortgage and carrying costs annually that you use for 4 weeks every year.

It’s NOT the timeshare that bleeds money from your bank account.

It’s NOT that RV that sits on a rented lot that you escape to on the weekends or the boat you pay to dock at the nearby marina.

It’s NOT the Air B&B that you need to clean every second Tuesday.

Imagine something that adds value to your life in terms of your lifestyle while simultaneously adding dollars to your bank account with virtually no time or effort from you….. That’s what a “Lifestyle Investment” is to us.

Over the last 5 or so years, we’ve been looking for an investment that would pay lifestyle dividends while either breaking even or better still, lining your bank account without sacrificing time or headspace.

We didn’t find it in Mexico, we certainly haven’t seen it in the city or in the majority of the other areas we explored. We did find our “proof of concept” in Kimberley, a small mountain town in British Columbia.

Interested in knowing more?

Call or e-mail us today to let us help you discover your perfect lifestyle investment!

Steve Throndson


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